Monday, December 22, 2008

More snow pic's

This bush is normally taller than the stop sign. The weight of the ice and snow is almost too much for it.

Here's our shed and trash cans covered with snow. We hope that the shed roof does not cave under the weight!

This is Terry and our neighbor on the roof trying to get most of the snow off.

Our mail boxes

A broken limb from...

...this tree.

Ice clinging to the pine needles and cones.

Those "bumps" down the road are buried cars!

There's our buried van (before we dug it out!)

More of Terry on the roof.

Our front yard. The piles of snow from the roof came to almost 4 feet high. We had to dig a "tunnel" to the front door!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More pics in the snow!

These photo's are from a week ago. This was the start of all our snow fall, around 4 inches. We had fun that day too.

Fort building...



More Padraic in the snow

Top photo is from the trip Padraic and I took to the grocery store with the sled. We had about 8 inches of snow at the time (we've since got even more!) and we needed food. So instead of trying to drive and risk all the other crazy drivers on the road, we walked to the store, bought our food, and pulled it all home on the sled. Pretty neat, huh?

And here's more of Padraic on his pile of snow.

And catching snow on his tongue.

Padraic in the snow

Here's Paddy playing in the snow...and boy do I really mean playing. This kid LOVES the snow! He'll happily play out there for hours! HOURS! I bought him a really cool set of snow pants/jacket along with some great gloves and keeps him toasty warm so he never wants to come inside.

I also bought him his own snow shovel and he had tons of fun building a big pile of snow to climb on (and jump on and fall on...)

Of course, you can see he's enslaved me too. I pulled him around on the sled until I was out of breath and near to dropping! And wouldn't you know it, Padraic complained when I had to stop. I just had to tell him, "Dude, Mommy needs a break!"

Owen in the snow

Here's Owen playing out in the snow. Although, playing really is not the right word for it...he really dislikes the snow. He likes looking at it, maybe feeling it once or twice, but being in it for longer than 20 minutes? Forget it! In the picture where I am pulling him up the driveway on the sled, he is complaining because the snow flakes are falling on his face and eyes, which he did NOT like at all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Padraic's Gingerbread Train

This year, Padraic got a gingerbread TRAIN kit. We found it at Target, and there was no leaving the store without it. I was trying to tell Paddy that we'd come back and get it another day, with another paycheck period past, but Auntie Jackie who was with us took pity on my son and bought it for him. Lucky boy!

Padraic pretty much did the decorating by himself. I put the pieces together, made sure there was enough frosting to hold it all up, then let him have at it. Poor kid had a hard time squeezing out the frosting, what with his hands being so little, but he did a good job nonetheless.

Owen whined and complained the WHOLE time, unfortunately. He saw all that candy, cookies and frosting... and coveted it! At one point, the candy bowl got a bit close to the edge of the table and Owen, being the sneaky little booger that he is, noticed and pulled it down off the table spilling candy all over the floor before we could stop it. I'm surprised that I didn't have a headache after all that noise from him when I would not let him eat all of his spoils! Sorry, Owen, but you'll have to wait until next year for your own gingerbread house.