Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello 2007!

Wow! Another year has come a'knockin'.

You know how it is--the same old joke when you say, "See you next year" with a cheezy grin, kind of like you have just come up with the most inventive joke ever! But people still find it funny, as I found out today. Parting with friends today after church, I said it to a few people and I recieved a laugh or too. Okay, maybe it was just a few giggles, but you know what they say--"an oldie, but goody."

I don't know about you, but I have never been one to do much in the way of New Year's resolutions. I mean, what's the point really? You know that a day or two, maybe as long as a week, later you have already forgotten (or blown) your resolutions. And it is usually goals such as: go on a diet and lose a few pounds, read a new and interesting book, try something new that you normally would pass on, be nicer to my husband, etc... And let's face it--our resolutions are things we haven't done throughout the year before, so what makes us think that we will be able to do them in the next?

My idea of a more practical and reasonable thing to do at the end of the year is this: Look at the past year and all that it has meant to you. What have you accomplished? What have you learned? What have you experienced? What does it tell you about yourself, about your life, about your priorities?

I think that sometimes, as a people, we avoid looking back on our lives and to how we are progressing. Why is it that people are afraid of the past? I suppose for some it may be depressing when trying to come up with past milestones and accomplishments becuase these may be very few or even nonexistent. Maybe I am just too optimistic about this, but I think everyone can find at least some sort of pleasure or satisfaction in life within the past year. If not, I am afraid life must be very sad and dismal indeed!

I for one, am the sort to voluntary look back at my life, my actions, my thoughts all year round. I find enjoyment--no, let me rephrase that--I find satisfaciton in growing as a human. I cannot admit to always finding enjoyment in "growing" as a person, becuase frankly, growing can be painful at times. But I certainly take satisfaction in the knowledge that I have grown as a person in the past year. If every year I can learn to be and practice being a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, leader-then I am happy.

What I see of my life this past year does, indeed, make me happy. I have been a good mother to my son. I have given him love, I have provided for his needs, I have shaped his mind and taught him new skills. I have been a supportive sister who has listened and advised where I could. I have been a prayer partner to my mother and father with all of the things they have been through this year. I have been a friend and responsible leader to many a baby and their parents. I have been a good wife. Meeting the practical and emotional needs of my husband and, of course, the most insistent needs of his stomach!

This next year, 2007, I plan to continue my "growing" and be ever open to new area's of improvement. What about you?

Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mystery baby

Today I had a doctor's appointment for an ultrasound to see our new baby. We ended up being able to see everything but what we really wanted to see--the baby's boy or girl parts! So our baby is still a mystery to us. I am still hopeful that I might be blessed with another boy to love. Padraic, of course, insists that he will get a little brother. Though, boy or girl, this next child will be a blessing no matter what, as children always are.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

This was a fun Christmas for our family. Padraic, since he's almost 4, understood the concept of "Santa" better this year. He insisted on seeing Santa in the mall to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. Terry and I had the fun role of playing Santa this year for our little guy. We left unwrapped presents around the tree and set up the "big" present-a new 'Geo Tracks' train set- ready for Padraic to see as soon as he woke up in the morning. I wish I could have captured the expression on his little face when he spotted the new trains. It was as if he was thinking, "Where did that train come from? I know that I didn't have that one yesterday, so how did it get here?" Confusion and uncertainty were written all over his face. I asked him if he knew who had brought him the new train track and he relpied, "I don't know." When I told him that Santa had brought it for him, he looked at me as if I were nuts! But it did not take him long to get past his not knowing exactly how it come to be in our living room and soon he was enthusiastically playing with his new toy.