Thursday, May 26, 2011

The fireball is 4!

Look at that adorable little face! 

My Owen just turned 4. It's been a much anticipated birthday for him. He's been counting down until the big day. He's put in his request for a certain kind of cake. He's told us what he wants for his special birthday dinner. He's made his guest list for his upcoming party, the one he told us that he needed to have. He's ready and the day is finally here!

Owen, so excited for his birthday cake!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being Owen's mother. This kid has been a ton of fun, as well as put the the work in the job of motherhood. Last year at this time I was reflecting upon my spitfire son, my warrior child, and he is still very much that. Owen is so full of life, so full of passion, full of fire.

I was flipping through Owen's baby book today and read the notations I made: "11 months old: Throwing toddler sized tantrums anytime your will is thwarted." And then, "20 months old: Still a tantrum thrower. It's been all out war these days, pitting your impressive will against the unbeatable one of mine. I always win, but it sure takes a ton to get the point across!"

Battles have been a commonplace between Owen and I for most of his little life. But therein is why I say life with him has been fun as well as a lot of work. I don't begrudge one single battle as I know that these little wars have been shaping my son, shaping his character, shaping his healthy outlook on life and what it means to be loved. These little wars were (and still are) necessary to teach Owen the important boundaries, the ones that would keep him safe, healthy and happy.

It's like this analogy I came up with a while back: Owen is like one of those tiny rubber bouncy balls. Let one of those things bounce around your kitchen and it will be bouncing all over the place; off the walls, floors, cabinets etc... and it's liable to brake something or land in a very dangerous place. Put that same tiny ball into a closed box and shake it up, allowing it to bounce at will. Nothing will be broken, no dangerous areas to land in and a perfectly happy little bouncy ball.

That's Owen for you with boundaries. Without clearly defined boundaries, he's liable to get into dangerous trouble. Define and teach him boundaries (as represented as the box) and you have a wildly happy boy, safe for the most part, able to be himself--a passionate little fireball.

These days, my little fireball is a joy to me. He is still as passionate as ever, although he has learned that I am like a benevolent ruler.  I love him dearly and show and tell him every way and every day. I am not afraid to correct him and I am not afraid to fight him.

It's my joy to watch him every day, whether it's as he's racing with his NASCARS toys, reenacting scenes from his favorite action movies, lightsaber fighting with his big brother, or slowing down with a good cartoon, his thumb and his blankie.

Owen, my boy, I still love being your mother! Happy 4th Birthday to you!