Friday, August 22, 2008

Catch up time.

Sorry, I guess it has been awhile since I have blogged. I have been caught up with taking care of my kids and church stuff. It is always something, right? Plus it is summer, and I've spent most of my time out doors playing with the kids, tending the garden and such. I try not to be inside (on the computer) when the days are so nice.

Well, let's see... Padraic is starting Kindergarten on September 3rd. It has been a interesting up and down issue for us this summer. It has been our plan since Paddy was born to home school for the the first few years. But along came #2 (Owen) and I just cannot seem to get much done around here. I have not been able to teach Padraic much this past year, or work on any projects, or even write any more. And not that I am complaining, but I see Kindergarten with ulterior motives... I will only have one child at home so I should be able to get some of my things done! into Kindergarten Padraic goes.

We have been preparing him, and I think he is ready. He should do just fine.

Now, Owen on the other hand, he is 15 months old and into everything...and I do mean everything! This kid always has something in his mouth, in his fist or underfoot that he is not supposed to have. I have always thought that Padraic was willful, but boy does Owen just go above and beyond in the stubborn category! Paddy had always been full of his own will, but correctable if handled well. Owen, though, does not care what you say, do, or threaten, he's doing it hell with the consequences, man! That boy sure can throw a tantrum, too!

But for all that, Owen is a happy baby. Extremely good natured. Always giggling, and smiling (that is when he's not having a fit about something). He hardly ever cries (just yells instead). He's been a ton of fun for me. So different than his big brother, and that has been interesting too.

As for me... well, I've just been doing what I always do... take care of the house, the kids, the husband... cook, clean, do laundry, shop... play games, plant and tend my garden, read book after book after book...!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tinkerbell needs a home!

Here is Tinkerbell...I need to find a good home for her. Someplace where she will get more love than I can give her right now. She a nice kitty, she just prefers to be in a one-cat-only household. Tinker loves to cuddle up in your lap, she will follow you around the house...she is a good companion kind of cat, but being the female she is, she can be a brat and a bit finicky:

Tinker will show you her displeasure if she doesn't have *fresh* food and water everyday...she can't stand a dirty litter box, will refuse to use it if it's not scooped out and changed regularly... She doesn't get along too well with my youngest, Owen, but that may be on account he likes to pull her hair and screech at her...And she has a tendency toward scratching that I've never been able to break her of (that's a female for you!).

I've loved and cared for her almost 8 years now, but I just don't have the time to devote to her that she deserves. I would love to find her a good home so she'll be happier.