Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Motherhood: the most challenging job in the world

Motherhood is the most rewarding aspect of being a woman. Raising up children to be righteous, believing adults is the greatest achievement of a Christian mother and although it is highly rewarding, that however, does not mean it is easy. Let us face it: motherhood is challenging. In all probability, any other "job" a woman could undertake will be easier than raising up children. This is due to the constantly changing nature of motherhood; it is not a static thing. As a mother, one must be flexible and versatile to cope with all the ways children change while growing up since their ages and stages are in constant flux.

In the upcoming days, I'm going to expound on some topics that are important in the life of every mother. These musings are near and dear to my heart. May my words bring blessing to those that read them.

Peace be with you!