Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Padraic turns 4!

Feb. 1st, my little boy turned 4. He is getting so big, I just can't believe it! We had fun planning for his birthday party.

Padraic loves trains of any sort, knows the difference between diesel and steam trains and loves to rent from the library various Thomas the Train movies. So naturally we had to have a train party. We had a "train" cake and cheese cutouts in the shape of train. We made a a train craft, complete with foam sticky shapes and glitter and we also took turns playing with the "Geo Tracks" train set up in Padraic's bedroom.

Padraic had mostly family over, Aunties, cousins and grandparents, although two friends from church were able to join us too. His presents included several DVD's, such as Cars and Finding Nemo, crafts supplies (thank you Grandma!) and some clothes of the cutest variety--matching bright yellow rain boots and rain coat (thank you Auntie Jackie!)

Now a word of waring to those with small children--Be careful what you teach your child about birthdays (or any other holiday where presents are involved). My son clearly understands that on your birthday you are "entitled" to certain perks, such as presents! He told his grandpa that he could come to his party IF he brought a present with him. I hate to think what would have happened if Grandpa had come to the party without the gift in tow! I suppose it is time to teach my little guy that not always do we get presents and that it is perfectly okay if someone fails to bring him a gift. Don't you just love kids and their logic? I know I sure find it hilarious!

Monday, February 19, 2007

How's this for 6 months?

I snapped these photo's today. I know, I know--I do not look like I should be a full six months by the size of me, but believe me, I am! Someone recently asked me if I at least felt VERY pregnant, that being the important question. If you FEEL like you are carrying around a basketball, then that's all that really matters.

Well, I FEEL more like 9 months pregnant! I can't sleep at night, my back always hurts, the muscles and ligaments holding up my uterus feel as if they are about to bust, I have a hard time putting on socks and shoes (since I can't bend over well), I have to ROLL myself out of bed or out of a chair... the list goes on.

It is too bad that I can not capture on a photo all the kicks, punches, squirming and rolling that my baby does all day long. This little one is so ferocious that I am sure people observant enough could witness his (or her) movements. Padraic and Terry sure get a 'kick' out of feeling the kicks!

Even though I can now enjoy being pregnant, since all my sickness is gone, I am still very anxious to have my baby. Impatient, you could call me. It must be because I enjoy babies so very much and love being a mom. May 24th, hurry up and get here already!