Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slumber's repose

The house is quiet. The only noise heard is the whining whirl of the computer and the tapping of the keyboard. Though, listening closer, the slight sound of air being drawn in I can hear... 'tis Rev, my big old kitty keeping me company atop the desk. There too, I can detect the sounds of Terry's sleeping breaths... and the fountain like quality of the irksome fish tank in the living room... Ergo, not as quiet as I first thought.

Peaceful still.

Now I remember why I like the night, why I find it hard to sleep even when I may be truly tired. It is my time, borrowed from light and snatched whence I can find it. No one needs me, I do not need to rush, the time belongs to me. No meals to make, no chores to do, no talking, no arguing or fussing.

It is like an addiction I want back, a lover I can't give up. Oh, blissful quiet night, I miss our times together.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a hint...

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Padraic's first day of Kindergarten!

September 3rd was Padraic's first day of Kindergarten. We woke up (oh so) early, around 7:15 am. I helped the sleepy boy to dress, we ate a small breakfast of banana and apple juice, took a few pictures and then off we went. Grandma Linda came over to stay home with Owen.

We got to school in about 3 minutes, but trying to find a parking spot proved difficult, with all the other parents there too. But we got to class okay. Parents were allowed to stay in class for the first hour, so I was able to observe for a while, before leaving him in the care of his teacher, Mrs. LeRud.

After the teacher greeted us and showed Paddy where his backpack went, we put away all the school supplies that we'd brought with us. Then, all the kids made representations of themselves out of little die cut people with various clothing and hair choices. Padraic gave his little "me" some eyes, a nose and a mouth with crayons, then wrote his name on the back--only he forgot to write "P-a-d-r-a-i-c" and put "Paddy" instead (I told him that it was okay-not to worry).

The teacher then shook her wind chime, which means for everyone to stop what they're doing and listen to her instructions...it was time to clean up the tables, push your chair in and come to the "gathering place"--the rug where all the kids sit in a group.
At the gathering place, all the kids found their names on a board, and marked that they were there... then they all listened while the teacher told them how to ask to use the bathroom. You are to make the sign language "T" (a fist with your thumb sticking between your index finger and middle finger) and wave it in the air. The teacher explained that she'd see that and let you know if you could go to the bathroom.

Then there was the trip to the bathroom, which I was happy to see was in the classroom, so all the kids could see the "tiny toilet" (that's why they wave the letter "T") and be instructed on proper hand washing. Then, it was time to play out on the playground, and the parents cue to leave.

When I came back at 10:30 to pick up Padraic, he told me that they got to paint with the teachers paints--not the ones that the kids had to bring--and then the bell ran and it was teaching time, for which the teacher read a book.

For his second day of school, Friday, Padraic told me the there was a fire drill and that they got to tour the school. They saw the library, the cafeteria (or eating place as Paddy called it), the gym, the office and the staff there, and the nurses station.

I almost cannot believe he is old enough for this part of his life... But he did well, and I'm am proud.