Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The dawning of Autumn

Cold weather is coming. This time of year is so lovely. All the trees have turned a vibrant yellow, orange or red, and some dull brown mixed in. The winds blow causing cold noses and cheeks to turn pink. Fallen leaves rustle around the streets, swirling and whirling. The rains have come, giving the air a cold dampness that penetrates a humble thin sweater.

It is the time of year you pack away the flip-flops and scrounge around for socks and warm fuzzy boots. The time of year to buy a new pair of house slippers and give your warmest robe a good washing.

A lovely time of year when we are reminded that for everything there is a season. The growing season comes to a close with the celebration of the Harvest. Fat grinning pumpkins grace the stoops of every door. Beautiful chrysanthemums show a bit of cheer in the nearly dormant flowerbeds.

Autumn, such a beautiful time of year.