Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Motherhood: the most challenging job in the world

Motherhood is the most rewarding aspect of being a woman. Raising up children to be righteous, believing adults is the greatest achievement of a Christian mother and although it is highly rewarding, that however, does not mean it is easy. Let us face it: motherhood is challenging. In all probability, any other "job" a woman could undertake will be easier than raising up children. This is due to the constantly changing nature of motherhood; it is not a static thing. As a mother, one must be flexible and versatile to cope with all the ways children change while growing up since their ages and stages are in constant flux.

In the upcoming days, I'm going to expound on some topics that are important in the life of every mother. These musings are near and dear to my heart. May my words bring blessing to those that read them.

Peace be with you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A return to the virtual world

I've been absent from this blog, and the internet in a large sense, for the past 4 years and this little note heralds my return to the land of the virtual world of blogging.

I don't know who still checks in here, but if you're a follower then I thought I'd let you know to expect more posts soon. You'll also notice a new look and a new focus no doubt. So, stay tuned!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Projects on the list.

Just a few days left in my eldest son's Winter Break from school. These last few weeks around here have been very lazy and laid back. Lots of playing, Lego building, electronics experiments and the like. I don't think I've cleaned up the house since Christmas day...better get on that I suppose.

For my part, I've been hibernating inside the house so much I'm starting to feel all lethargic from the lack of sunshine. A trip to the grocery store saw some Vitamin D now up in the cupboard.

Once the big boy returns back to school, I plan on getting the house back into order and getting some work done on a few projects:

1. That birthday apron that has sat unfinished for WAY too long. Sorry about that, Colleen.
2. A sturdy winter skirt done up in brown.
3. Fixing the badly done hem on that black and white skirt I bought LAST year.
4. A pair of jean quilts, one for each of the boys.
5. The return of the weekly bread baking.

There might be some other projects thrown in there, but that's sure enough to get me started. I'm determined to be more productive this year. So, if you ask me what's my current project and if I am working on it, don't let me give you any excuses about not working on them. Just tell me I'm being lazy and to get my rear in gear. I give you permission. I might grumble about the kick in the pants (er, skirt I mean) but I appreciate it nonetheless.