Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Humanity, the destruction of us

I despair of the world today. Supposedly, we live in an enlightened age, modern. However, I see so many parallels of this age to the one in which the ancient Noah lived. In his time, the men of the world were so very disposed towards evil, towards sin, that there was only one single man that still loved the Lord—Noah himself. Only one.

Currently we are all marveling over the world reaching a 7 Billion population mark, which evidently means that our advancements in the medical field have been keeping more and more people alive then ever before. I see that 7 billion mark rising, yet I see that the number of people in this human race truly loving the Lord dwindling.

So I despair. I despair over this belief I hold: humankind has become too smart for it’s own good and we hold too high a regard for the power of humanity. We are our own destruction.

Advancements in science, in technology and in ideas are commonly seen to be good for everyone, in no way harmful to us. The general idea being that all of these advancements only make our lives easier and better.

The Oxford Dictionary has this description that interests me:

·of or relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.
·characterized by or using the most up-to-date techniques, ideas, or equipment.
·[ attrib. ] denoting the form of a language that is currently used, as opposed to any earlier form.
·[ attrib. ] denoting a current or recent style or trend in art, architecture, or other cultural activity marked by a significant departure from traditional styles and values.

We have consequences to all of our modern advancements. We have scientists, authors, professors etc. with degrees—that ultimate showing of worth called “higher learning”—trying to convince all the rest of us that there really is no God, no divine Creator that made it all.

We have all the scientists that insist that faith and belief is a myth, that there is only room for so-called scientific facts, “facts” that are themselves only theories that have yet to be proven. We have scientists working to engineer food from chemicals to feed our masses, instead of real food.

We have technology that makes information instantly available to our fingertips and brings pornography into view with a single click. We give the newest technology to our teenagers enabling them to be “cyber” bullies destructing the lives of other kids. We enable our children to be unaccountable allowing them to spread gossip, slander and maliciousness among their peers with Tweets, texts and facebook updates.

We have intellectual ideas thrown around (“we are the 99%”) leading to protests and strife in a country that is renowned for it’s freedoms, it’s liberties and it’s entitlements. While arguments of ideas abound, around the globe we see millions of people being starved to death, abused or killed.

We live in a world where this “idea” is numerous and plentiful:

"In this modern day of science, there is no acceptable, appropriate, or moral substitute for professional medical care. "Faith" is nothing more than a mental construct; it does not accomplish anything tangible."

I just read this quote tonight. It was taken from a comment made to an article written about my neighbors, Shannon and Dale Hickman, and the sentence of 6 years in prison they were just given. They were tried for the death of their newborn infant son, who lived just a few hours after being born premature.

It does not matter whether or not I share my neighbors belief system. They have their beliefs and I have mine. What matters, and is so very concerning to me, is that we have so-called enlightened, modern people actively judging each other on our beliefs and values. We have laws that force so-called free people to get medical care whether it is wanted or not. We humans are all just so very smart, we seem to know just what is right and good for everyone else. We judge certain sets of parents, label them monsters and declare that they should rightly be hanged instead of imprisoned. All because we are outraged that a premature baby was supposedly just allowed to die while the parents did nothing but pray. But, let’s not talk about all the babies everyday that women ACTUALLY chose to murder by way of abortion. Let's not talk about that because the law allows it, it is legal, and if you follow the logic, is moral.

These quoted comments illustrate my point nicely:
“As long as you murder the child while it is still in the womb the "State" is OK with it and so are most of the people that are happy with the verdict. What if the State began to charge men and women who had abortions?”

“One word. Viability. The question you ask has been argued before. Really it has. The pro choice would say a child is not alive until it is born.”

“Frankly I could have cared less if they killed their own infant quickly, but they basically tortured it to death over 7 hours, that is messed up.”

The argument of ideas above is all too typical. Humankind can get all hyped up about a single case involving a belief system, faith, different than our own and we will judge and argue because the “LAW” of the land is on our side. Yet we can ignore millions because the law says that they are a non-issue.

Our modern, enlightened, intellectual culture has effectively erased the traditional beliefs, values and morals that have been held for generations. Human kind believes that truth, knowledge, power only comes from ourselves. Empowerment of the people. It discounts anything spiritual, anything with religious values or morals. It says that God does not matter, that He has nothing to do with the things on Earth. It holds that Faith is a lie, so lets slap criminal charges on any that try to say differently. Laws of the land should serve as our morals and guide our beliefs.

Therefore, I despair of all that.

This is truth, and it comes from THE ONE WHO IS TRUTH: There is a God and He created all things on Earth. Faith is not a lie and it CAN absolutely accomplish tangible things. Laws are not our guides to morals, only the Lord sets down the things that are right and wrong, sin or not. We should not judge our fellow man, it is not our right and we ourselves are not without sin. Jesus came to be our example to show love to everyone, even those that believe differently than ourselves. 

We have a guide by which we know these things, it's called the BIBLE. If we read it, study it, learn it's truth all the errors of this sad human thinking become evident. More important, by reading the word of the Lord, the Bible, we come to learn of God himself. We come to know him intimately, as a friend, as our Father, as our Creator, as our Lord and as our Savior from ourselves—from our sin. Our belief in him becomes real. Our faith is upheld in real tangible ways.

I know this truth because I live it. God, the Creator, is as real to me as the husband I lie next to at night, as real as the cat sitting on my lap, as real as the two sons I have born from my body. I know Him and He knows me. I speak to Him and He speaks to me. Just as the sun, trees and grass still exist even though the blind man cannot see them, I cannot see God with my physical eyes, but He is still there nonetheless. 

No matter how many of my fellow enlightened humankind try to say that God is defunct and no longer needed in this age of human empowerment and advancement, the God of all will always be needed. I just pray that more of these 7 billion could see that. And I will continue to pray for and uphold any of my neighbors that believe God, even if their beliefs are different than mine.