Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh, brother... A False Alarm!

Here I am in the hospital, Sunday night and early morning Monday, with what we thought was REAL labor. Things started out well, contractions were happening, I was progressing...Then...things started to slow down. The contractions were coming farther apart and were not painful at all. Really kinda cheesy I'd say. Then everything just stopped. No more contractions, no more progress. So, at 3'ish am, they sent us home.

Oh, about disappointment! We were fully prepared for the baby to "come out". Padraic was sent to stay with Grandma and Grandpa, and he knew that when he saw Mommy next, we would have a new baby. I felt bad for the little guy. Grandma brought him home in the morning and he took one look at me and started to tug me into either bedroom. He was in search of the baby in either the crib or the playpen. So I had to explain that the baby was not ready to come out and the nurses sent us home. "See my tummy," I said to him, "the baby is still in there." We still have to wait. Padraic took it well, really. Better than Terry and I, of course. It was such a let down for us. If I was the type, I'd would have screamed and pulled out my hair in frustration. As it was, I just grumbled about it and vowed to talk it all over with my doctor on Wednesday at my next appointment, since it was a different doctor on-call that night at the hospital.

Now, I had that appointment today. The first thing my doctor said to me was "We should talk about how you feel about labor induction." Just what I wanted to hear, let me tell you. If she had not brought it up, I certainly would have. I do NOT wish to wait until a week, or two, after my due date for this little guy/gal to decide to come out! I am all for laboring naturally, as I did last time, but when it comes to labor that takes forever to actually start, well that's a whole different story where I am concerned. I am full term, baby is healthy, so I have no wish to wait around.

Here's my current theory about this: This baby just wants everyone, especially me, know that he/she is MY child. If you know me at all, you should know how willful and, yes, stubborn I am. I have been known to dictate to the weather and have it obey my will. Don't believe me, just ask my dad--he'll tell you. It's one of his favorite stories about me! Well, this child is already trying to enforce his own will on me, and I've about had it. Listen up, little one... I am MOM! You WILL come out, and it better be soon, OR ELSE! Haha! Anyone think this baby will listen?! I guess we'll see.