Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My baby turns 3!

"Hey, Owen" I said to him.
"What?" he replied.
"Whose birthday is it?" I asked him.
"Uh, Owie's" he said.
"How old are you?"
"Uh, twee" he said, his little lips turned up at the corners in a happy little smile.

That's right, my baby has turned three. No longer a baby at all. My little spitfire, my fierce little warrior child. How time does go by.

I remember well being pregnant with him. I was so very sick, at times I thought I would simply wither away with sickness. I remember all the painful jabs, pokes and kicks he made me suffer. Even in the womb, I could tell this little one was going to be a handful, and how much that is the understated truth!

I am so grateful God blessed me with my Owen Henry. He knew I was well equipped to handle all that this one could throw at me. Owen is certainly a strong force of nature and he needs an equally strong hand to handle him. Since before he even crossed his first birthday, discipline has been a daily necessity. This smallest boy of mine is so full of life and eager to experience everything without exception. Which can cause a mother to be anxious, indeed, since he has no fear in him. New places, in which he does not know the boundaries, pose a real threat to him, not though that he is aware of it. Countless times have I realized that just one more step would have seen him tumbling down a cliff-side, or in direct line of traffic, or lost in a large department store, or in over his head in a backyard swimming pool. In such times I am so thankful that God has equipped me to be his mother, with watchful eyes and a need to protect.

When we named this child three years ago, little did we know that he would become the epitome of what his name means:

The Irish form of Owen means born to nobility.
The Celtic and Welsh form means young fighter, young warrior.
All forms of Henry mean ruler of the home, or ruler of his household.

We have early come to see that our Owen is certainly a fighter, a little warrior that defends his home, his family with fervor. 

I expect that God has a plan for my youngest child. I expect that Owen will enjoy a full life, full of passion. I am privileged to be his mother, with the opportunity to shape his character and teach him about the life God has for him. 

Happy Birthday, little one.