Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Why is it that in a busy household, with busy little children, that the parents room is always the last place to be cleaned?

Isn't the parental bedroom supposed to be and oasis, a retreat you can turn to when chaos is happening on the other side of the closed door?

You'd sure think so. Though, sadly, not in my house. My room seems to be the catchall: the library, the office, the storeroom for out-of-season clothing tubs, the craft room, the "company is coming, throw it all in here" room. All held within a 10'x10', maybe 10'x12', space.

That's what happens, I suppose, when one lives in a two bedroom duplex, roughly 900 square feet, with two kids and two adults and no garage. And when one has a sewing hobby, a huge book collection, and a penchant for keeping outgrown boys clothes to use for the next child. Also when one has a husband, whom has hobbies of his own that take up space and two little boys who love Legos, trains, books, Star Wars, and Hot Wheels.

I need a garage. A place to store all that seldom used, but still needed stuff. Camping gear, sleeping bags, luggage, baby toys, maternity clothes, outgrown boy clothes, out of season clothes (i.e. summer/winter), picnic baskets, canning jars, ice cream maker, tools... you get the point I assume.

Well, having gotten tired of the messy, cluttered, dusty room I live in, today I decided to clean it. Now the living room is messy and cluttered! At least until I figure out some new homes for all the things I had stuffed into this little room.

Now, I have big plans for my oasis. A new coat of paint in a serene and calming color, some shelves mounted above the desk, some new curtains to replace the failing closet doors, a complete clean out of old clothes from that closet, I think some new linens are in order, and... maybe...yes I think so... A big sign on the bedroom door reading, "NO CLUTTER ALLOWED! THIS IS MOM'S OASIS."